You may be thinking to yourself that you would love to put Baldivis First and vote for me but you feel that your vote would be wasted if you do not tick one of the main parties boxes!
Remember that you are not voting for the next Premier, that is not in your hands! You are voting for where you live first, and secondly for the state and , rightly so, you are concerned with crime, HERE IN BALDIVIS, you are looking for work, HERE IN BALDVIS, you want more for your kids to do HERE IN BALDIVIS and you care most about issues that are happening HERE IN BALDIVIS and by voting for me you are ensuring that every decision I make is for the betterment of people right HERE IN BALDIVIS. I do not have to do what any party tells me to do, I can fight for the area that I live in and can weigh up every piece of legislation, every law, policy and bill based objectively and not have to vote a certain way like the party members have to.
I have always put you first and now I am asking for your support.

I cannot do this alone and I am thankful to my campaign team but if you would consider placing a sign in your garden, a bumper sticker on the back of your car or a poster in your shop window please get in touch.

This is going to be hard, but not impossible and I am not entering this to make up the numbers, I am deadly serious.
He lives here, he cares & he gets things done!
​matt@votebaldivis.com.au or 0405 637 894