1. What is Matt Whitfield's stance on the Roe8 Highway.

Our roads are not the best, we have single lanes on Thomas Road for example , and there seems to be no 'overall' plan or strategy in place beyond politics and 'ad hoc' sections. It is Matt's belief that Roe8 needs to be reviewed , mainly from a financial aspect, and to have a non political entity do a full cost analysis and also a full independent road network strategy outside of politics and then the government of the day, and the opposition, should endorse that plan.No matter where a road is going to go some people will naturally be unhappy but we need to build roads to future proof our state.Basically, stop the project now and review sensibly and away from politics!

2. Point Peron Marina

Matt firmly believes that we should have a great marina in Rockingham. The ideal location would be the Wanliss Street jetty but this is a private investment and would cost around $30m to finance so he cannot see that happening anytime soon. Matt is honest in that he is not known as a a keen environmentalist and will not pretend to be just to win some votes but what but he is concerned about are  the economics around a canal based project at Mangles Bay. That area is rough, untidy, and needs a lot of love but any project needs to be environmentally sound and should not cost the ratepayers anything. Basically if the project can be proven to be environmentally sound and the expert independent consultants are willing to stake their reputation, and insurance, on that then I will follow their advice. Finally though , if the developers and state government, are that willing for this deal to go through they should ensure that the ratepayers of rockingham are not funding this project and that a special levy is applied to all future homes in the area in the future. 

3. Outer Harbour

Yes, absolutely but Matt would need to be convinced that both the current harbour, and the proposed outer harbour would remain in public hands.

4. Western Power 

Matt does not believe there is a strong enough argument for selling this vital piece of infrastructure and this will not benefit the state in the long term. The one thing to be mindful of though is that with the future take up of solar technology any price for selling a stake in Western Power will decrease and this will be the best price possible achievable and this needs to be fully articulated to the community as well for a proper informed discussion to draw a line over this issue.

5. Matt where are your preferences going

Not sure how to make this any clearer but Matt will not be doing preferences, all that a preference is in the lower house is a guide on the how to vote cards, Matt's how to vote cards will read - Vote Matt Whitfield and then choose whoever you want, in what order you want!! See Below for a picture of the how to vot card.

6. What is your View on the Nationals Proposed Mining Tax?
Matt thinks this is not a great idea! Whilst ideas need to be explored to reduce the state debt, this is the wrong attempt at a tax at the completely wrong time!

7. What is your stance on the State Debt?
The state debt is predicted to grow to $40B. Currently WA pays around $18m a week on interest repayments and imagine what we could build and service with an extra $18m a week, that is two new schools for example! Tackling the state debt is the most important issue , in the opinion of Matt, and collectively we need to work towards reducing this as a matter of urgency.

8. What is your Stance on Climate Change?
The best scientific minds have proven that this is real. We need to be brave in how we tackle this in WA. We need to come away from Coal Powered dependency and make use of the sunlight that we have. New homes should incorporate solar technology as par for the course and we should be attempting to remove as many houses and businesses from being purely reliant upon the grid as soon as possible.

The How to Vote cards are on there way but this a copy of the Early Voting Cards.

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